Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Communication

    Axelcomm’s expertise in corporate communication involves all industry and service sectors. This is where the strategic level of consensus and trust between company and stakeholders lies. Our team is in charge of implementing all communication tools to convey the company’s values and vision.
  • Economic & financial Aspects

    Axelcomm has a solid knowledge of economics and finance, which is essential for navigating through regulations, markets, institutions and legal obligations. We support listed and listing companies and all financial institutions that need to relate with the economic and financial press.

  • Crisis & Litigation

    Axelcomm’s team is able to assist its clients in various critical situations: cyber-attacks, employment litigation, food adulteration as well as health, environment, relations with activist movements, controversy and disasters. We can rely on a network of consultants specialized in different crisis cases and industries. Axelcomm also assists the client at the time of providing accurate and controlled information.

  • Tech & fintech

    In Axelcomm there is a lot of passion for technology: we experiment and implement solutions that can improve life and work. Our professionals were the first to tell the Italian media about the fintech sector and we have an excellent track record in terms of consumer electronics, cyber-security, B2B, IT, fintech and telecommunications.


  • Media

    We know the media environment well and operate in an integrated way through quality content and established relationships. Our stakeholders are journalists, influencers and digital platforms. We obtain results because we know the needs of newsrooms and how they prioritize content.

  • Digital Presence

    Our goal is to deliver messages to the target audience using both traditional and digital tools. We can be part of the flow or contribute to it, but we can also take care of all aspects to establish the client’s digital presence: websites, social platforms, SEO and SEM, community management, viral campaigns and video content production.

  • Business Relationships

    Building relationships is Axelcomm’s core value. In this sense, it is important not only where, but also how they are created. We want lasting and transparent relationships capable of generating value. Clients are given the opportunity to engage with different networks to which Axelcomm has access, including professional communities, show businesses, institutional and cultural circles.

  • Content creation

    We know how to write and we are able to adjust contents to be used on different tools, from a simple post on social networks to the most complex paper. The material is always validated by the content department, which quickly assesses its effectiveness. Our ability to provide high-quality texts comes from continuous contamination, which feds the whole team through relationships with practitioners, writers, artists and experts in specific subjects.

  • AD Planning and Management

    We plan and manage AD campaigns on national, local and specialized media, also regarding communications required for listed companies. We manage and plan campaigns on the main search engines and social networks adopting digital marketing strategies to increase traffic with a visibly higher and immediate conversion rate. We are able to exploit innovative tools and technologies for lead generation.

  • Public affairs

    We develop strategies to raise awareness among institutional stakeholders about specific interests. We liaise with government officials, lawmakers, public administrations, regulatory authorities and local representatives. We are able to monitor processes and initiate discussions with political players. This is where our content expertise comes into play.